Cordell Photography can do it all. They came promptly and showed me how to stage my property for the most dramatic look. If you need a solid & creative photographer for architectural and/or real estate work Cordell Photography really does great work.
Ally Wecker
Weston, MA, February 10, 2017
Most People would say taking a picture is an ordinary process but when I decided to seek a professional photographer whom I could recommend with confidence to my clients and who would do more than just take standard pictures of commercial properties by enhancing them. I chose Cordell Photography. I had received feedback thee Cordell's work was outstanding aiding owners in presenting properties to potential buyers. lenders. and tenants. resulting in successful transactions. Thank you Cordell for your fantastic work!
Ari Gold
Boston, MA, February 15, 2017
Photography is a subjective art. Sometimes it takes several experiences with different photographers to achieve the look or result you desire. Mr. Carver and his associates have captured the look I wanted on the first shoot. I would recommend Cordell Photography to anyone! Elizabeth Fahey, Wellesley, Mass Elizabeth F. on February 19, 201
Elizabeth Fahey
Wellesley, MA February 19, 2017
Excellent photographer Quality is what I received when I used Cordell Photography. Their photographs impart the concept or image I wanted. No hassle professional operation.
Marshall Grodberg
Newton, MA, February 10, 2017